About Parthasarathy Temple

Similar to Guruvayoor temple, daily rituals in Partasarathy Temple also include Usha pooja, ucha pooja, Athazha pooja, 3- times seeveli, deeparadhana etc. Palpayasam, appam, ada ,venna (Butter), sugar, plantain, ghee lamp, garlands, Archana are some of the main offerings to the Lord. It is also possible to book and conduct offerings like Udayastamana pooja, Chuttuvilakku with in a week’s time. As a part of special connection between Guruvayoor Temple and Parthasarathy Temple, it is a practice on Guruvayoor Ekadesi day to take a procession from Guruvayoor Temple in the morning accompanied by three caparisoned elephants and Pancha Vadya to Parthasarathy Temple and return by noon. Similarly soonafter the Deeparadhana, a beautiful decorated chariot with Idol of Lord Krishna will be taken to the procession from Parthasarathy temple to Guruvayoor temple and return after completing one Parikarma of the temple- tank . Also, Ekadesi festival spreading over a month, Temple festival Ashtami, Rohini , Sankara Jayanthi, Kuchela day , Illom Nira, Puthiri, Kalabhattam etc are celebrated in Parthasarathy temple with full gaiety. The Associate Deities like Right tusked Ganapathy, Naragrahas ( ( all not facing each other and seated in Single- round stone), Ayyappa, Adi Sankaracharya and Rakshassi All facing east unique to this temple. Ottyappam, Navagrahpooja, neeranjanam, Elluthiri, Bhasmabhishekam, Rakassu pooja are their offerings, respectively. The Parthasarathy temple is situated about one Kilometer away from Guruvayoor temple on the East Nada, Almost facing the Railway Station.


The presiding deity of the Parthasarathy Temple of Guruvayur is Lord Krishna, in the form of Parthasarathy (charioter). It is that believed this Glorious “Idol” was the “One” worshiped by Kunthi Devi, mother of Pandavas, in Indraprastha during dwaparayuga the legend has it that their Idol was said to be picked up from the Holi Gangas by his Holiness Adhi Sankaracharya swamigal under the divine Guidance of Sage Narada and consecrated by him at the very same place at Guruvayur, where the Idol was founed. Later on, the Temple, which was under the Naduvil Madom Swamiyar, came in to the hands of the Mallissery Mana, situated near by. During the days of Patayottam (invasion) of Tippu Sulthan this temple which had its glorious past went into oblience and was forsaken by all for a very long time. It was in the year 1971 when the roof of the Sree kovil of this temple gave way due to dilapidation, that the remains, thereof, happened to be inspected by some local villager and devotees. During the excavation they formed this sacred Idol in act under the debris a long with the remains of Vathilmadom, Thidappally, (Kitchen) Chuttampalam (outer peripheral structure) outer wall and the Temple Tank. They took up on them selves, the Herculiyan task of resurrecting the Temple to its past glory and started renovation work in right earnest. Thanks to their persistent efforts, a number of eminent people like Anjam Madhavan Namboodhiri, Chennas Parameswaran Namboodhiri, Mallissery Krishnan Namboodhiri (Ooralan) Pudhussery Vishnu Namboodhiri (Astrologer), Adv. P. V. Radhakrishna Ayyar and Thrippunithura Eswara Variar (Vastu Vidavan ) , came forward to join the team. As a result, the work gained momentum and an efficient committee was formed to manage the affairs.